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Never again will I wish to sit through a duel with screams resonating around me.

Or to be blasted by their source.

At the least, we did win, as should be most certainly expected of us. ... and I really liked that I was cheered for, too.

Hopefully this trend shall continue. The trend of winning. Not the screaming cards.

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*...! She stares at the nice clothes and jewelry, a bit pleased, if baffled. especially at the bit of wrapping you're doing*

I-I thought your stated that there were antiques, here...?

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That's what I would of assumed would be here. The place looked all antique-y. ::Skims through the jewelry. Mostly going for the blue or red rings.::

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Well, it doesn't seem to be very antiquated, now...

*she looks at the dresses and necklaces. though she does wonder how tuxedos would even work on a girl.*

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::Mostly the front and dress shirt seem to be designed to hold a rather sizable bust-line, which Kouji has a lot of..:: I think this would be good with you. ::Holds up a ruby ring.::

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*... well, who knows, maybe it would look good on her, too... her attention is then taken by the ruby ring*

Oh? A ruby?

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Yeah. I figure I might as well buy you something a gift to enjoy from the date.

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O-oh well. I'm surprised. I wouldn't think you would be buying me anything...

*she actually seems a little bit bashful by it*

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Why not? That is part of dating, right? Getting the other a gift and all?


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Well... I think. I don't know. It's been a rather long time...

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Well I'm getting you this ring, and that's all there is to it.

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... Should I not buy something for you, then, as well?

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O-only if you want. You don't need to...

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*... she picks out a nice amethyst necklace, showing it to Kouji*

Would this suffice...?

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::Holee Shit.:: Y-yes, that would suffice.

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Then I shall be purchasing this for you.

Amethysts would work well with you.

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Not that I mind, but why would they work well with me? ::Staring at you confused, twiddling with her purse and rubbing a foot on the floor::

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Hm... well... *she thinks*

I think they would go well with your hair and skin. Your hair is dark, and your skin is very light-- amethysts would contrast well with them, yes?

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Honestly I never really thought about things like that. It does sound right though...

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Well, of course it would be right! Colors should go well with different shades, yes?

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Again, this sort of thing never came to mind.

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Why would it not?

Have you ever considered colors when dressing yourself?

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Well, not fancy things all that much. I took a few classes but. I kind of forgot, and I mostly let my maids deal with the whole affair of jewelry, fine clothes, and the like...

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You should dress yourself more then! Be creative with colors!

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