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So, ah... Instead of worrying constantly over Alexandra-chan, I've been trying a new online game. To take my mind off of things, yes?

But, what do you do when you end up being asked by the owners of the game to stop playing it in exchange for compensation?
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Oh, yes, I do have this... I suppose I should be using it much more often, shouldn't I? I don't want people to get that wrong impression again, that I'm a shut-in...

I guess that can be my resolution for the new year, yes? I stay more in touch? Yes, yes, I think that's a splendid idea.
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I have decided in this Saikou-sama's most infinite and gracious generosity, to grace everyone with my glorious presence.

... what has been happening? I honestly cannot tell.
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Never again will I wish to sit through a duel with screams resonating around me.

Or to be blasted by their source.

At the least, we did win, as should be most certainly expected of us. ... and I really liked that I was cheered for, too.

Hopefully this trend shall continue. The trend of winning. Not the screaming cards.
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... oh, yes, I do have this... Journal, do I not.

I quite forgot about it... I thought I had gotten better with this annoying remembering thing.
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... This Saikou-sama wonders why it is that some people give such feelings of familiarity, sometimes. Oh well, no matter!

... Feel like something relatively important is tomorrow. But what... It's on the tip of my tongue...
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This Saikou-sama feels very... dizzy. Accursed smoke from that girl... Shouldn't have smelled as nice as it did...

... do cards usually fall out of strange beings after being stabbed?
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When is my birthday.
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Annoying, annoying, annoying! Teachers trying to bear down on people to study, students refusing to duel with me because they're "busy preparing". Only ones who agree to it end up getting more upset than usual when I win! Past the rare expressions of pain of course.

For what, though? There's nothing that important that one has to try to jam information into their heads for it, or take something like that so seriously!

Really, you would think anyone would know a bit better. And yet people act so aggravating to this Saikou-sama regardless. Keh!
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... There's no more dolls around, right?

The lack of mention of any of this suggests this, but I want to make sure before I know if it's safe to walk around again.
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This headband thing is so annoying. I have to be careful whenever I handle it or else it'll break, and people give odd looks when I go and put it on when starting a duel. ... It messes with my hairstyle whenever I do, as well. I try so hard to make it perfect, too!

It looks pretty at least, but still, of all the things...

... I should get this gem I have turned into a pendant or something.
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*Well it took more than enough time, but. Erland, your front door is being knocked on by that screeching forgetful harpy.*
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That Theresa girl was very nice... I do wonder who in the world she was talking about, though.

Probably no one important, anyway. I should look into getting something else to wear... This Saikou-sama needs something a bit different.
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... My head hurts.

At least the nagging urge to finally do that is over with...
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I... Never figured that trying to not duel would be so troublesome.

I may need to think this out a bit more.
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... What odd tests, that had to be done... But it certainly shows that is the case.

... I wonder what I'm supposed to do now, though, if that happens.
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Out of curiosity and certainly not for any personal reasons whatsoever of course not, does anyone know anything about the "Arcadia Movement"?
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The people at this school are cowards.


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