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Samasu, Saikou [ 狭間朱, 最高 ] ([personal profile] supremesaikou) wrote2012-02-26 01:40 am

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Never again will I wish to sit through a duel with screams resonating around me.

Or to be blasted by their source.

At the least, we did win, as should be most certainly expected of us. ... and I really liked that I was cheered for, too.

Hopefully this trend shall continue. The trend of winning. Not the screaming cards.

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*starts to help you get redressed. no turning this inside out now. >:< *

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::She dresses up quite nicely. It's really rather stunning, all things considered.::

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There! See? *she gestures to a mirror in the dressing room, admiring you slightly.

now if only you didn't turn clothes into abominations when you put them on*

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I look lovely, don't I? ::Oh ho ho ho.::

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Well yes, of course, now that it is put on properly!

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I think I'll pick out some clothes for you, then.

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... Oh? You shall?

*she looks curious now as to what you'd pick*

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... ::Ponders and contemplates.:: Hrm... I see... Hrm... ::Goes to pick out a nice purple number with gold trim and also a black silk cape::

How's this?

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That looks lovely and most elegant for this Saikou-sama! I shall try it on then, yes. *she takes the outfit, and goes to change, then.*

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::Looks through books. ... Sneaks a book on cooking. That devil magic always alluded me, I must understand it!::

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*Cooking is totally confusing, though.

Saikou steps out a bit later, wearing the outfit with a flourish.

God she wears it like she were a super model waiting for their picture to be taken*

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You look like you're waiting for a camera.

::Stares at your lovely self, as the book's hidden under the dress.::

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Well, I don't know exactly what you mean by that, but I certainly approve of the stare.

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You look as if you're waiting to be photographed by a bunch of reporters. And you do look nice. ... Is there anything else you want from this place, though?

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I think this and the jewelry will be sufficient enough.

*... that and I don't want you trying on more clothes. Not with how you did the first time.*

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::I don't want to try clothes on me either, let's go take this to the register. You want to skip over this part or?::

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*I think we should skip and fade here, this thread's gone on for a long time!*