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Samasu, Saikou [ 狭間朱, 最高 ] ([personal profile] supremesaikou) wrote2012-02-26 01:40 am

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Never again will I wish to sit through a duel with screams resonating around me.

Or to be blasted by their source.

At the least, we did win, as should be most certainly expected of us. ... and I really liked that I was cheered for, too.

Hopefully this trend shall continue. The trend of winning. Not the screaming cards.

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I didn't think I was displaying?

Well. Cool that one of our opponents is cheering. Maybe if we do good enough, we'll face 'er in the finals?

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It was a display!

I hope so, actually. It would certainly be nice to actually. Duel her.

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... How was it a display, hun?

Private to Saikou
Then we'll need ya for Team 5D's Second and Last Wheelers. They both use Graveyard heavy decks, I think. Or at least their ace Synchros depend on it.

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It was a display in that I have never seen something like it before. Or for fire to appear like that.

... Should I go second then, or...?

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Private to Saikou
... We'll decide when we get there and based on the situation. That's my suggestion. The main problem is gonna be Red Daemon's first and foremost, and yer kind of dependent on some form'a Defense, hun.

Hrm. I get a feelin' Bottomless Trap Hole might be useless in upcoming matches. Hrn.