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So, ah... Instead of worrying constantly over Alexandra-chan, I've been trying a new online game. To take my mind off of things, yes?

But, what do you do when you end up being asked by the owners of the game to stop playing it in exchange for compensation?

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... Did... Did you break the game, honey?
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... So you became the richest and most powerful person in the game?

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I'm unsure to be proud or not of you.

Though, I understand the concerns over Alex, even if I'm not fond of her myself.

But I think we should find you something a bit more productive in this level of reality.

But by a "bit of a margin". Woof.

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Do you have any interest in your mother's businesses here or elsewhere?

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You mean what does Black Velvet do as a company?

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We sell primarily clothes for women, run salons, offer romantic aids to couples, and sell various restricted import goods from the 12 Dimensions.

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Temporary transformation and hypnosis magic.

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Basically you either work down in the actual stores and warehouses to familiarize yourself.

Or you can try working in management.

[personal profile] theheadmonarch 2016-10-30 11:00 pm (UTC)(link)

Or inventory.

Or I could get you on a job specifically handling a forklift.

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Not to me.

But Saicchan, you do seem to keep a lower profile than I would expect of you.
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...That's weird.