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[Event Post]

*Well it took more than enough time, but. Erland, your front door is being knocked on by that screeching forgetful harpy.*

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::Erland wonders who on earth could be knocking on his door. Naturally, it isn't anyone on Earth.::

::Erland stares at Saikou for a little while, having half forgotten her himself.::

...oh, it's you. I was figuring you weren't going to come by this point.

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*They seem unimpressed by the "oh, it's you" and the expression that you give*

I could just as easily turn around and go back home, if that is going to be how it is...

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It's a fine way to treat someone who offered to help you. Make them wait forever then act incredulous when you finally do show up.

But no, I could use data on psychic duelists anyway.

::And before Saikou gets a chance to utter a word of protest, they're already in one of Erland's labs.::

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*tenses and looks around, realizing distinctly that this is not where they were before*

... You and Noriko-sama, with those elements of surprise or whatever that is...

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Well, it IS my world.

Anyway, if you'll just sit down over there.

::Erland points to the rather foreboding throne-like structure from before. With all of it's draped spikes that seem to cage one in.::

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*... they oddly think nothing of it's foreboding nature-- if only because it looks like a throne in itself. And go and immediately sit in it, as though there's nothing wrong about it*

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::Erland chuckles to himself as he heads over to the controls.::

That's a good girl.

Now, you'll likely experience a sort of tingling.

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... Tingling? What tingling?

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Oh, you'll find out.

::Erland powers on the device.::

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*ffsfsdfg tingling tingling tingling

.... while it's probably not even that painful for them it still oddly freaks them out quite a bit.*

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Interesting... Interesting...

::Erland powers down the device after roughly a minute.::

Well, that's certainly informative... though I really should get some data on a normal human to cross reference.

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*... they still look slightly freaked out as they sorta stare ahead for a good 30 seconds, before snapping out of it and catapulting out of that chair*

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Well then, you were just looking for a dampener, yes? Or did you want something more intricate?

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... *shakes her head, straightening out and smoothing her hair with her hands, gently*

J... Just a dampener, of course! I don't know what would be more intricate, of course not!

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::Erland seems oblivious to Saikou's discomfort.::

Well, something more intricate could allow use of your abilities, and general control... dampening would merely suppress them.

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Just the dampening is good enough! *they growl as they try to get their hair as perfect as they can manage without seeing it*

Besides, all I want to do is make sure I don't end up killing someone with a sword for some idiotic reason like "it's real". It's bad enough it ended up getting associated with one of those annoying Dark Games.

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Alright then, should be easy enough...

How about you wait in the living room while I make it real quick?

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::And bam, you're in Erland's living room. Which is rather... pink. At least it's plush and comfy?::

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*so much pink, it's almost blinding.

As much as suddenly being in another room is. They convince themselves a minute later that they aren't going to pop into another room again, and settle themselves onto the couch.*

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::Roughly a half hour later, Erland suddenly pats Saikou on the shoulder, and is standing behind the couch she's sitting on.::

::In his other hand is a simple but fanciful circlet ( that has a sheen somewhere between bone and silver.::

It's not what I normally make, but I'm fairly pleased with it, for how little time it took.

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*they nearly jump where they were sitting, messing up their hair again curse you. She tries to flatten it again as she stares and listens*

T... That's nice, nice, yes. Very nice. Stopmakingmefreakout.

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::Erland chuckles to himself a bit at Saikou's spazziness.::

Oh, but it's so very amusing~♥.

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*keeps flattening it, glowering* I spend so much time trying to get this right...

*she finally gives up for now, deciding to redo her hair once she gets out of here, and just holds out her hand*

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::Erland hands it to her.::

It's not especially strong, so try not to break it.

Other than that, wear it when you duel, and people shouldn't get hurt. Not much to say there.

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*... tries to be extra careful then as they handle it*

As long as it works, it's what I'd want.

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Oh, it'll work.

...if your ability gets significantly stronger, though, we may need to modify it. It's designed to handle your maximum output and then some, but a major increase might overload it, causing a backlash to you, and possibly injuring as well.

But that's only if your abilities increase 10 fold or more.

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*She stares momentarily, before looking down at it again.*

... I'm at least sure that won't happen. *... she then looks around*

... How do I leave this place.

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Oh, well, we're back at my house, so you'd just use the front door.

::Erland points.::

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*... She stands up, steadying her balance, before nodding her head at him.*

Then thank you very much for your item I will appreciate it as long as I am able to don't do that switching locations thing ever again.

*she then quickly goes for the front door*

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You're welcome.

::Erland ponders tormenting her a bit more... but then again she was rather polite with her thanks... for the most part... so he decides otherwise.::

Say "hi" to Noriko for me.

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Verywellverywellverywell! *and she leaves. as fast as her own words.*