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That Theresa girl was very nice... I do wonder who in the world she was talking about, though.

Probably no one important, anyway. I should look into getting something else to wear... This Saikou-sama needs something a bit different.

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Different? Like what?

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Something less purple. And lighter.

I'm considering something red.

[identity profile] 2010-04-17 02:30 am (UTC)(link)'ve worn purple as long as I've known you.

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Which is why I need a change! I mean, I like purple but I can't wear purple all the time!

... Or the uniform.

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That's a good point, I guess...

You could probably order some stuff online and have it sent to you at the school.

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That's no fun. Isn't there a city right there?

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Well...yeah, but it's easier and it's cheaper...

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... That explains why I thought there was a ghost the other day.

Such as?

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... "Ghost"?

Less purple. Lighter. Red.

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... Why red? And we can go shopping, if you want, Wakahisa.

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Ah, yes, yes, yes...

Because red is different. And I would most certainly like that yes.

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Then when you are available, Wakahisa, we shall go.

... Red would look nice on you. And mature.

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Good, good, very good!

... Well that's just one of the choices, anyway. I'd look mature in anything. ... I would hope.

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I have some fashion magazines.

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Eh? ... Can this Saikou-sama see?

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I can lend them to you, sure.

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That works, yes! Just... Do you even know where I am.

... Do I even know who you are?

... ... Who are you, anyway?

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... Oh! Then nice to meet you, Susan.

[Private to Saikou]

[identity profile] 2010-04-17 03:13 am (UTC)(link), are you going to come in any time soon, or should I schedule you for more of a winter appointment?

Re: [Private to Saikou]

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You were having problems with injuring people in duels?

Re: [Private to Saikou]

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Oh, yes, I was.

I'm just wondering why you're pointing that out at all.

Re: [Private to Saikou]

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Because you were going to come over to my house, and I was going to check you over so I could make something that'd help STOP that.

Re: [Private to Saikou]

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Where in the world do you live, exactly...?