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Name:Samasu, Saikou [ 狭間朱, 最高 ]
Birthdate:Oct 10
((Name: Samasu, Saikou [ 狭間朱, 最高 - Cramped Space Scarlet, Supreme ]
Age: 17 physically ((Birthdate: December 7th))
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Dorm/School: Obelisk Blue
Year: Third Year
Current Deck: Dark Dimension Warriors

Description: A hyper-androgynous, and rather small sort of person-type-thing, they have neat, black hair that goes down past the shoulders, their bangs being styled in such a way that a large piece hangs in front of the middle of their face, with two large pieces to the sides framing them. Their skin is relatively tanned, their eyes blue in color, but other than that, they actually look to be fairly normal. Their taste in clothes tends to be quite the opposite of "normal", however, ranging from moderate to highly expensive, and even ranging from masculine to feminine. ... Or at least, as much as they are able to do so.
Personality: An incredibly egotistical, prideful, and haughty being, they always try to find some way to see everything as insignificant to their wonderful and glorious self; something that's only gotten worse by their current physical body being that of both genders, which is technically seen as a "perfect being". A uproarious laugh usually follows their best of moods, along with a commanding and overpowering way of speech.

They also tend to be rather greedy, wasteful, and in some cases, lustful, wanting nothing more than the best of clothes, the best of material objects that they can get, and women-- something that seems to be a sticking preference, which is coupled by their misandronistic behavior. It gets to the point, however, that while they can be tempted with women themselves, they tend to be rather possessive over who they claim is "theirs", even if they already have others they were interested in, beforehand.

However, despite all this mental strength they display, and all of these negative traits, they are, in truth, rather weak. Easily manipulated, due to who they came from, as well as their lack of true identity, they become easily bothered by claims of them being "trash", already finding it hard enough to admit to the fact that they need to live in a false body. Any mentions of how they are, their identity, past, or even parenting, tends to result in delusional claims of leathered men taunting them.

And no one wants them to be even more delusional than they already are.
History: Once, there was a guy named Samasu, Shikou. Weak-willed, easily manipulated, and submissive to anyone who showed any personality that was even slightly stronger than his own, he was a rather easy target to darker beings who'd want to take advantage of his repressions and issues.

However, he once gained a sort of power that would allow him to rid himself of his problems, his repressions, and even his weakness, but doing one thing:

Changing the entire universe, using the deaths of those close to multiple young women known as "HiME"s to fuel it power, and a star, and soon came to be possessed by a malevolent being. He was known as the Obsidian Lord, as a result, who is known as the potential husband for all HiME. Having chosen Yamamoto, Suzume to be his favored "HiME", who he'd hope would win and become his rightful queen in the new universe he'd create, he manipulated others with little guilt to himself, allowing his "queen" to fight and kill, to reach this goal.

That was, until Shikou himself managed to gain some sense into the situation, and decided to let Suzume ignite the atmosphere of the earth, instead, in order to cause a sort of cosmic reset concerning it.

However, some people weren't pleased with this; mainly them being Wakahisa, Noriko, who wouldn't allow Shikou to just live in ignorance of what he did, out of spite and hatred towards him, for leading her to being eaten by Gren Maju Da Eiza. She ended up not only forcing the memories of what he did back into him, but also her own...

Which ended up being mixed into a new personality, by the evil known as "Kroni", while Shikou was female.

This personality, who named themselves "Saikou", ended up taking it upon themselves to remove everything they saw as "unfit" to their wonderful selves, up to and including getting rid of most of Shikou's personal belongings, ranging from clothes, to books, to even some card collections. Even after they became male once more, they still attempted to remove things, and were generally a bother, to the point where Suzume, their "queen", decided that it would be better to just leave them, until Shikou was "sane" again.

Saikou didn't entirely accept that this happened, and attempted to go about things as normal; attempting to find someone to fix a broken Ice Edge that they had gained, as a result of defeating it during the big "finale". Attempting to convince themselves that they weren't trash, which happened before the "finale" itself really got underway. And improving relations with their "Servant-chan", Alexandra Grant, who they are currently completely oblivious about their real gender, that they met while going through one of the zones that had popped up in Domino, during the same "finale".

However, Shikou didn't much appreciate the extra guest in his head, nor did he appreciate risking losing Suzume, so he tried to get professional psychiatric help. While it did, initially, help in repressing Saikou's outside activity, to the point where they preferred to stay in their head, Omoi Teishu, or Overdrive Teleporter, ambushed them and screwed with not only their preferred gender, their views on psychic monsters, ability to keep secrets, and beliefs in restraint concerning relaxing, but also with their ability to stay, consistently, as one personality. It got so bad that as soon as Noriko took notice of how things were, they agreed to let her try to "fix" them.

Which led to Saikou not only being disciplined through effective Pavlov tactics, but also to gain their own false body. However, what Omoi did to them is still present in them, despite the separation.

At current, they're attempting to get used to their new body, which is proving to be difficult, but to also adjust to not only living with Noriko, but with living in what seems to be a pocket dimension...
Extra Abilities: They have the same natural strength and claws at this point, that Shikou does-- however, in comparison to him, they are still the weaker link, having not had the years of physical exercise that Shikou has had. They also seem to have moderate knowledge of how to use bladed weapons (swords, preferably), and may also have possible terrakinetic abilities, given who they have come from, but it's uncertain at this point in time.

Also, as a side note, they have in their possession a GEM from the Mai-Otome series... As for what it will pertain to, no one knows. Other than Jime.))

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amethysts, caius the shadow monarch, dogs, elegance, jewels, me, monarchs, money, myself, necroface, needle worm, noriko-sama, obsidian, plaguespreader zombie, purple, saikou, status, supreme, swordplay, yamamoto suzume
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