supremesaikou: (bundled up)
... What are these books with pictures of overly cute people in them?

... And why do I think Noriko-sama is trying to tell me something.
supremesaikou: (interest)
... That was oddly... Nice. I do hope she manages to find a way home.

Very strange though. Why would she have the same name as that "Futaba Shiroko"...

Maybe names are just that common.
supremesaikou: (staring down)
... What are these things those goats brought.
supremesaikou: (staring down)
... This is so... Strange.
supremesaikou: (staring down)
... I feel like I'm forgetting something very important.

Troublesome, troublesome, troublesome...
supremesaikou: (staring down)
People are acting so... Odd recently. Saying odd things, doing odd things, believing odd things. A few of them even around the classes keep muttering, and disrupting my thoughts.

How annoying.
supremesaikou: (staring down)
... It is strange to not see that monster around here, anymore.
supremesaikou: (... what?)
... I feel like I should know why there were so many tests recently.
supremesaikou: (staring down)
... I feel like I'm forgetting something.
supremesaikou: (annoyed)
Yamamoto Suzume, where are you.

This Saikou-sama needs to crush you for your insolence and for the insolence of others.
supremesaikou: (staring down)
... Why must I waste this time worrying and waiting...
supremesaikou: (staring down)
... It is... A very odd experience to be taught by the monster.
supremesaikou: (staring down)
Strange scantily clad girls need to learn to stay away...

I didn't need that sort of wasteful distraction.
supremesaikou: (staring down)
... This is starting to feel troublesome...

Noriko-sama, is your memory usually so bad, that you tend to feel like anything you're trying to study for isn't sticking?
supremesaikou: (oh?)
Well. That was certainly muchmuchmuch better than staying around here!
supremesaikou: (... what?)
... oh right I should probably ask that.

Allen do you want to go on vacation with me and Noriko-sama for a few days or will you be staying here.
supremesaikou: (staring down)
... You know.

I do almost have to wonder how the year 2200 would be.
supremesaikou: (a bit embarrassed)
Mmf... People keep staring at me for some reason. How irritating, irritating, irritating...

... Maybe it's because I keep tripping up, again. Mmffff...
supremesaikou: (staring down)

... Allen you're not allowed to look at me for the next week.
supremesaikou: (... what?)
... I never expected anything to result in having filet mignon in Paris. ... Tasted very nice, too...


... I wonder if I should ever become completely female... Mff...


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