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Samasu, Saikou [ 狭間朱, 最高 ] ([personal profile] supremesaikou) wrote2012-01-27 10:19 am

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... oh, yes, I do have this... Journal, do I not.

I quite forgot about it... I thought I had gotten better with this annoying remembering thing.

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You should remember better, dearest.

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I thought I was remembering better!

But I guess I sorta. Started remembering better after forgetting about this?

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DO SO. The daughter of someone like myself should be better! And it's dignifying to remember better. God, I hate this website and its purge happiness.

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... I was remembering better, though...!

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Well keep doing so. It would be embarrassing to present my family to the world, and you to forget to be there, my dearest Saicchan.

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I would not forget to be somewhere of such... such importance!

And I especially would not forget something that involves this Saikou-sama being presented in any manner!

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I would certainly hope not.

... You have very dark eyes, dear.

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I thought they were space purple.

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Must be a weird photon. You do look adorable though. I could gush all over you.

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Why so suddenly? Photon? What?

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I wondered if you exploded, and you were replaced by a Dueling Robot Clone.

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What. No. Never.

No robot could match up to this Saikou-sama's greatness!

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So, want to go shopping? We haven't done stuff in forever.

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Oh, well. Yes, certainly! We must do the shopping.

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So where have you been living?

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... Is this the one Noriko owns in the middle of Domino with the hordes of the dead doing Thriller?

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American Pop Song.

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... So would you recommend living in a mansion.

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I like living in a mansion.

But it is very big and empty.

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... Empty?

So what are the pros about one?

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Yes, empty, I do not see a lot of people around, if they are there.

Very comfortable. Spacious. There is a pool. At least one.