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Samasu, Saikou [ 狭間朱, 最高 ] ([personal profile] supremesaikou) wrote2010-10-13 05:57 pm

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When is my birthday.

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... Either Shikou's, Mine, or the day I made you.

Pick one.

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Oh wait. It's December 7th.

What would you like for your birthday, dear?

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I don't know it just bothered me that I didn't know! Maybe a new dress.

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We should also find you a husband or a wife.

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This Saikou-sama is not ready for that!

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I do not feel ready for it.

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Well, what else would you like besides a Dress?

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It's not like this Saikou-sama doesn't get whatever they want, anyway...

... Obviously, I would like a mansion.

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Here or on Earth? And do you feel responsible enough to have a mansion?

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There, probably.

I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult-- besides, you'll keep bugging me on what I want when I can't think of anything less high-maintenance, anyway.

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How many maids would you like?

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Enough to cook and clean for me.

... Especially the former.

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I'll get you three to start with.