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Annoying, annoying, annoying! Teachers trying to bear down on people to study, students refusing to duel with me because they're "busy preparing". Only ones who agree to it end up getting more upset than usual when I win! Past the rare expressions of pain of course.

For what, though? There's nothing that important that one has to try to jam information into their heads for it, or take something like that so seriously!

Really, you would think anyone would know a bit better. And yet people act so aggravating to this Saikou-sama regardless. Keh!

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It's what is colloquially known as "Preparing for Finals".

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... Finals?

... I feel like I should know something about those, but I can't place what...

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All your course studies for the year placed into a series of hellish tests for each of your classes which decide the rest of your life.

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... I think I remember something like that...

... I think I remember wondering if those were really finals, since they seemed so easy... But I'm not entirely sure.

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I just remember some sort of test being very easy a long time ago.

But that was a long time ago. It's hard to remember that.

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... I'd suggest studying. A lot. Wakahisa.

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... But studying makes things more forgettable.

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It makes things more forgettable.

Which makes me wonder why people try that.

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... It helps me, I love studying.

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Well it doesn't help this Saikou-sama.

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It isn't that bizarre! It's bizarre to me that it'd help you.

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... You are a very interesting person.

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Neither. You're just interesting.

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That seems confusing to me.

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... That seems easy enough.

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Good luck with your finals, then.

[identity profile] 2010-08-08 03:39 am (UTC)(link), two years in a row.

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... What? ... Did I do this last year too!?

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... If I do this a third year in a row this Saikou-sama is going to scream.

Because that is the height of annoying!

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How did you end up doing last year anyway?

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Do you remember how you prepared?

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Hmmm. Well, cramming definitely won't work for you...regular studying might be effective if you use mnemonics and stuff...

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... Mne-- Oh! Yes! I remember that!

... I remember that! That's a shock.

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...that's a little ironic.

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I just needed a mention of it, that's all. It's not like I think of the word all the time.

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Right, right..., are you gonna like. Do anything to prepare?

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I don't even know how I'd prepare in the first place.

Though do I even... Have to? I've been doing well enough in those classes, anyway...

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Well if you do bad on your finals, you may get demoted or not pass to the next grade!

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... Well it's not like trying to force myself to memorize everything is going to help either!