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This headband thing is so annoying. I have to be careful whenever I handle it or else it'll break, and people give odd looks when I go and put it on when starting a duel. ... It messes with my hairstyle whenever I do, as well. I try so hard to make it perfect, too!

It looks pretty at least, but still, of all the things...

... I should get this gem I have turned into a pendant or something.

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Hey, sometimes things have to be a bit awkward to work right. Would you prefer I had made a full helmet so it'd be more sturdy?

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That would just get me more stares.

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You never really caught the concept of sarcasm, did you?

Regardless, anything else wouldn't work as well, and would be harder to make overall. Just be glad that it at least looks nice.

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... That was sarcasm?

I... Guess, but it's still hard to not just. Crush it.

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Considering a tiara that you set on your hair gives you so much trouble, I can only imagine your screeching should you need to wear a helmet.

...I wonder if that'd make for a good revenue model...

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My hair is extremely difficult I try not to disturb it once I have it set.

... What?

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I figured a tiara would be one of the least disturbing options available.


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Personally, I find crowns not worn in a comical or intentionally pompous fashion to be tacky.

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This isn't even a crown! It's a headband!

... Or at least I think it's a headband!

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... Well, it's still awkward to put on, anyway.

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Get a hairpin. Less conspicuous and easier to handle.

[identity profile] 2010-05-21 05:13 am (UTC)(link)'d you get a limiter anyway, I thought they only gave those out when somebody was really powerful.

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Eusebius made one, since it was becoming. Troublesome to duel and for people to end up hurt.

Apparently he likes to make them brittle.

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See. Ya went with a clearly inferior product and now you're paying for it.

...anyway, depending on a limiter exclusively is usually a bad idea. Using one if you have to while y'learn control is the way to go.

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Well, I would figure, but it's harder to really go ahead and do that in the long term when the urge keeps cropping up regardless.


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I'll take... the tiara if you don't want it.

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The tiara headband.

Wakahisa Noriko, though some have taken to calling me "Moeko".

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... ... But I'm already speaking to Noriko-sama.

Why are you down here, as well?

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... Noriko-sama...?

... That woman is a fake using my name.

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Yes, Noriko-sama. Since she's my mother.

She's the first Noriko-sama I know of, so she isn't exactly fake, to me.

Right now I'm just wondering if there's more fractions around.