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Samasu, Saikou [ 狭間朱, 最高 ] ([personal profile] supremesaikou) wrote2010-03-18 11:45 pm

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I... Never figured that trying to not duel would be so troublesome.

I may need to think this out a bit more.

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I'm... Trying to not duel? I said that clearly, didn't I?

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Because it's painful for others, that's why!

... I mean in hindsight that's a bit too considerate but it's still troublesome for those I wouldn't want to be hurt!

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... Perhaps.

Though this really shouldn't be such an annoyance.

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But I can't!

For anything to not be an annoyance I'd have to not duel! But I keep getting the annoying urge to duel! So it ends up being an annoyance even when I don't, but when I do it still ends up as an annoyance anyway!


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I personally wouldn't mind dueling you again.

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It was an enjoyable duel, Last Time.

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That isn't the point here!

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Look, I'm not bothered that your attacks hurt, and I enjoyed last time, Wakahisa. That's all there is to it.

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... mmf... Fine, if you say so.

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... Then would you mind dueling...?

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Not at all.

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You know, you're more likely to find solutions when you're a bit more honest and upfront with your problems.

In any case, if it bothers you so much, I could try to make a dampener of some sort for you. It'd be a great way to test the concept.

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... That look seems... Foreboding, to this Saikou-sama.

... A dampener?

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Nonsense, there's nothing to worry about! Though, I may need you to sign a waiver.

Yes. Absorbing the energy, so you don't hurt people.

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... That just makes it feel more foreboding, you realize.

... Would it be... Painful?

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Well, I've never made a personal unit before... I'll need to collect data, and run some tests.

The dampener? No, no, it shouldn't feel a thing.

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... If you're certain, then I'll try.

But only because it's more annoying not doing anything about this.

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... Just to confirm, however, Noriko-sama would trust you, right?

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Probably. I imagine she wouldn't live in my world if she didn't.

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... Fine, she says you're alright Iamnevermarryingyousodon'tgetthatidea.

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I wouldn't dream of it. You're more fun as someone to mess around with. ...mentally.

Besides, you've got that sheep kid.

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Wait, mess around with?!

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Oh don't worry. I'm actually far more reserved than you're probably used to.

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... I'm only trusting you because Noriko-sama does.

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Sad, but I suppose good enough.

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Well, no sense in thinking about it.

Time to prep the equipment! For SCIENCE!!

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... Noriko-sama better be right about this, at least...

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He's cool. Just don't get married to him.

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I would never!