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Samasu, Saikou [ 狭間朱, 最高 ] ([personal profile] supremesaikou) wrote2010-02-26 02:05 am

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... What odd tests, that had to be done... But it certainly shows that is the case.

... I wonder what I'm supposed to do now, though, if that happens.

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Did they stick needles into you repeatedly.

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... What did you do that you'd have needles in you repeatedly?

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... I... I see.

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... I went to that... Arcadia Movement place.

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Next time I want to be alerted before hand, young lady.

And I think we need a nice long talk.

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I am capable of making my own decisions just fine, but very well.

... Of course. When would you like to speak?

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I'm also your legal guardian, missy. I'd like to know when you go to places.


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