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Out of curiosity and certainly not for any personal reasons whatsoever of course not, does anyone know anything about the "Arcadia Movement"?

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I thought I heard something about their organization coming under new management after the death of its previous leader.

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That tells me little other than they have a turn-out rate for management.

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Isabel is its new leader, I believe.

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Isabel. ... Isabel... ... Isabel...

... Oh, right, I think it's that blonde woman.

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She is a decent person, so the organization can't be too bad.

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... I don't know them really so I can't say if they're a decent person or not other than strange vibes of déjà vu.

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Just that its main office at the one point had a giant spinning head.

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This man's head, to be precise.

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Spinning. Every day.

In the middle of the city.

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It's supposed to be a group for psychic duelists to learn about their abilities. Can't say too much about them myself, though I do know their current leader is... charitably called unsociable.

Their leader's poor social skills aside, they appear to be on the level at least, and do have various psychic duelists with them.

Pity about the leader, too... they're probably one of the few groups I could really do business with...

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Ah... So they really are for that.

Other than poor social skills do you know of anything unscrupulous concerning them that I should be aware of. Not because I'm interested in them, of course, but because I might need to know.

[identity profile] 2010-02-21 03:10 am (UTC)(link)'re disturbingly easy to read. I suppose that's one reason Noriko has taken to you.

As far as I know, they used to be rather nasty... the ex-leader got offed if I recall, and the new leadership was convinced to keep it, for humanitarian purposes.

Of course, that's the official story, but I figure that they probably have good intentions at least.

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I am not that easy to read there nothing to read at all in the first place.

Good intentions is at least something, I guess.

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So you're saying you don't have a mind to read in the first place?

You could do worse than talking to them, is what I figure.

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Of course not there is just nothing for you to read at all that would be connected to what I have in mind.

I'll keep that in mind.

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Sorry, when I got this company, there was this vote that we'd never do business with anybody worse than the previous CEO.

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... Oh, yes, you're Isabel, aren't you? The one who is the leader of it?

Where is your organization located.

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Uh, address is [...].

Why, you got psychic powers or something?

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No no no of course not that's silly which is to say do you count large rather painful-looking marks from declaring an attack against a wall to count.